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On Demand | Evoked Potentials Part II

Event-related and Endogenous Evoked Potentials (ERP)

Our brains are constantly reacting to sensory, cognitive, or motor events and ERPs help us understand our response to a stimulus. ERPs are often recorded during a selective attention task like an oddball paradigm. Based on top-down expectancies and bottom-up stimulus inputs, one pays attention to relevant stimulus and ignores the irrelevant stimulus. The waveforms thus obtained reflect the higher processing of the relevant/ target stimuli.

Join BIOPAC to learn how to measure ERPs and fNIRS response to an oddball paradigm task (P300) in both the real and virtual world. We’ll present a very easy and powerful approach to record and analyze neurovascular response to the ERP paradigm. BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge software includes a fully automated event-driven data reduction program for ERPs and BIOPAC’s Stimulus Presentation application. The software allows the user to pick a time window around the stimulus event for measuring the data. The off-line averaging function in AcqKnowledge displays the averaged response to each different stimulus triggered by Stimulus Presentation. Also learn how to fully automate event-driven data reduction for ERPs and other stimulus-response (S-R) applications with AcqKnowledge software.

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