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Selecting Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems for Psychophysiological Research

Considerations in Selecting Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems for Psychophysiological Research

By Joseph Aditi, Ph.D.


In 2018, only 20.2% of the total applicants for National Institute of Health (NIH) grants received funding. The scarcity of new grant funding has sharpened the focus on managing laboratory expenses wisely. Researchers operating on a small budget are becoming more cautious when it comes to investing in instruments; in particular, data acquisition and analysis systems.

Think out a few years ahead, and think in terms of collaboration.” That applies just as well to the choice of a data acquisition and analysis system.

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BIOPAC life science research data acquisition and analysis systems have been cited in over 47,700 scientific articles and studies and are researchers’ tools of choice across the globe. To further enable researchers in their quest for discovery, BIOPAC presents this series of articles designed to empower researchers in obtaining research funding.

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