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Life Science Research Funding

Navigating the Evolving Grant Landscape
By Nilabh Chaudhary, Ph.D.

In today’s competitive and resource-constrained academic and research environments, obtaining grant funding is key not only to conducting great research, but to a researcher’s professional success as well. Most institutions maintain offices of funded research and some have grant sourcing or writing personnel but, typically, the amount of support available is limited. Thus, the responsibility for identifying and securing grant funding falls squarely on the researcher’s shoulders.

In this series, we will discuss approaches to assembling grant proposals that attract reviewer attention and, hopefully, funding. To begin, we detail five key insights that can be quite useful, especially to life science researchers new to the process…

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BIOPAC life science research data acquisition and analysis systems have been cited in over 40,300 scientific articles and studies and are researchers’ tools of choice across the globe. To further enable researchers in their quest for discovery, BIOPAC presents this series of articles designed to empower researchers in obtaining research funding.

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