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The Biopac Student Lab revolutionizes how students learn the life sciences by eliminating complex setup tasks and letting them focus on learning the subject. More than just a data recorder, the Biopac Student Lab is an integrated set of hardware, software, and documentation that guides students through a set of lessons that illustrate fundamental physiological principles.

Start with a core package and add components at any time as your needs or your budget change. Use our transducer interface series to use your existing equipment with the full power of the Biopac Student Lab System.


Perform guided, active, or student-designed experiments

Join thousands of worldwide users who run the Biopac Student Lab at 2-year, 4-year, nursing, and medical programs.


L05 Electrocardiography I components of the ECG (EKG)

L06 Electrocardiography II Bipolar Leads (Leads I, II, III), Einthoven’s Law, Mean Electrical Axis on the Frontal Plane

L07 ECG & Pulse Mechanical Action of the Heart, Peripheral Pressure Pulse, Plethysmography

L16 Blood Pressure Indirect BP Measurement, Ventricular Systole and Diastole, Korotkoff Sounds, Mean Arterial Pressure

L17 Heart Sounds Cardiac Valve Functions, Electrical & Mechanical Events

H04 Blood Pressure Record (noninvasive) blood pressure response to isometric or straining exercise.

H18 Automatic Noninvasive BP Exercise Physiology: Automatic Noninvasive Blood Pressure

H21 Impedance Cardiography Record and measure relative differences in Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume using a noninvasive bioimpedance technique.

Respiratiory & Pulmonary Function

L08 Respiratory Cycle I Respiratory Rates, Relative Depths of Breathing, Regulation of Ventilation

L12 Pulmonary Function I Volumes & Capacities

L13 Pulmonary Function II Pulmonary Flow Rates (FEV1,2,3 and MVV)

H19 VO2 & RER Record and measure oxygen consumption and respiratory exchange ratio

L15 Aerobic Exercise Physiology Cardiovascular & Respiratory Adjustments During and After Exercise


L02 Electromyography II Mechanical Tasks

H07 EMG Active Learning Experiment for human EMG

H27 Facial EMG Record EMG response on the corrugator supercilii & zygomaticus major muscles

H28 Reflex Response Record knee and ankle reflex response with the industry-standard Reflex Hammer transducer

H17 Biomechanics Biomechanics (Goniometry & EMG)

H34 Electrogastrogram Record an electrogastrogram (EGG) from a human subject.


L11 Reaction Time –Auditory Stimulus & L11A Reaction Time–Visual Stimulus Reaction Time & Learning with fixed-interval and random presentation trials of auditory (click) & visual (LED) stimulation.

H03 Nerve Conduction – MP36/35 Nerve Conduction Velocity along the ulnar nerve of a human subject. Video clip

H06 Finger Twitch (SS61L) Use the Finger Twitch transducer to record the finger twitch from a human subject.

H08 Dive Reflex Active Learning ECG Dive Reflex Experiment

H16 Reflexes & Reaction Time Active Learning: Reflexes & Reaction Time

L20 Spinal Cord Reflexes Anatomical and Physiological Elements of Simple Spinal Reflexes

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