New Small Animal Pulse Oximetry System for MRI

Complete system for small animal SpO2 measurements in an MRI

Small Animal SpO2 in MRI

  • Works on conscious or anesthetized subjects
  • Patented sensor supports heart rates in the range of 90-900 BPM
  • Works with neonatal mice up to 500 gram rats
  • MRI sensor works in closed, small and large bore MRI machines
    • regularly used in 9T magnets and has been successfully used in a 12T magnet
    • contact BIOPAC to discuss specific magnet strengths up to 19T
  • Analog outputs interface cables included to interface with BIOPAC MP150 System via the UIM100C

Quick, Easy, Accurate Way to to Monitor Subject Health

  • Immediate access to Vital Signs for pre-, intra- and post-operative measurements
  • Arterial Oxygen Saturation
    • comprehensive health indicator
    • indicates lung efficiency, not just airflow
  • Heart Rate
  • Pulse Distention
    • indicates signal quality
  • Alarms for each vital sign

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