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AcqKnoweleedge for Smart Center 5.0.2


BioNomadix Smart Center is a small-form data acquisition unit and wireless receiver records simultaneous physiological data from up to three BioNomadix Transmitters. Smart Center offers a compact, all-in-one data acquisition solution. Smart Center does not contain a battery and is entirely powered by a computer USB port.  Easily record high quality data with the Smart Center, AcqKnowledge for Smart Center software, and transmitter(s).

Transmitter pairing and setup is configured in an easy-to-use AcqKnowledge Setup Wizard with guided prompts. Smart Center supports all BioNomadix Transmitter types. When connected, Smart Center appears in the AcqKnowledge hardware menu as a stand-alone hardware option, and supports most of the same advanced software features as full Research Systems.

Smart Center functionality can be extended via the integrated I/O port, which provides access for up to 8 TTL digital channels. This is useful for recording synchronization signals from SuperLab and E-Prime stimulus/response studies, without the need for an additional transmitter.

The Smart Center Guide covers installation of AcqKnowledge for Smart Center, pairing, recording, and analysis.

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