Indie Rock, Jealousy, and Muscle Exercise—New Citations

Indie Rock Heart Rate RelaxationIndie Rock Relaxation: A recent study performed at Broom Community College studied the relaxation effects that Indie Rock music had on subjects. Unlike other studies, this experiment focused solely on the relaxation effects of music rather than comparing it to other relaxation methods. Heart Rate was measure using a BIOPAC MP System while subjects listened to “Salt” by Alex G. Read the full study here.


Differences in Jealousy Across Sexes: Differences in jealousy reactions across the different sexes have been demonstrated culturally, but there has been little physiological data that proves this. A recent study thus examined the sex differences in jealousy using physiological parameters. Subjects responded to eighteen different script scenarios while facial EMG was recorded using a BIOPAC data acquisition system and EMG amplifiers. Read the abstract and download the PDF here.


Acute Inspiratory Muscle Exercise on Glucose Levels: While physical exercise is known to reduce glucose levels and glucose variability in patients with type 2 diabetes, this has yet to be confirmed to be confirmed in a well-designed study. That is why researchers at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil investigated the effect of acute inspiratory muscle exercise on glucose levels, glucose variability, and cardiovascular autonomic function. Participants’ cardiovascular autonomic control was measured continuously using a BIOPAC NIBP100D system with a DA100C general purpose amplifier. View the full study here.



Citation Spotlight | Menstrual Cycle-Driven Hormones & Brain Changes

BIOPAC is pleased to recognize the first-author contribution of Viktoriya Babenko,...

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