Heart Failure, Motor Skills and Muscular Dystrophy—New Citations

New publications have been released featuring BIOPAC research solutions. As always, these studies and more can be found over at our publications page. These brand new publications include:

  • Training Adaptations and Muscle Oxidative Capacity in Heart Failure: Researchers tested the widely held belief that exercise intolerance and skeletal muscle dysfunction us associated with Systolic Heart Failure. A BIOPAC hand-grip device and here.

  • Improving Motor Performance through Mental Practice: This experiment sought to find whether mental practice of a certain activity could improve the motor performance of it in subjects. The scientists used a BIOPAC MP Data acquisition system with EMG amplifiers to record participant surface EMG. Read the full paper and the results here.

  • Muscular Dystrophy GMI Analysis: The case report studied the dynamics of the SMR band in a subject affected from Muscular Dystrophy and subjected to Ken Ware Neuro Physics treatment. BIOPAC HRV analysis from ECG recording. Download a PDF of the paper here


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BIOPAC is pleased to recognize the first-author contribution of Viktoriya Babenko,...

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