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New Citations | Fibromyalgia, Carbon Dioxide, and Inequality

BIOPAC ECG and FibriomialgiaSET and Fibromyalgia: A research group created a process called “Systolic Extinction Training” (SET) which can reset the abnormal relationship between blood pressure (BP) and pain in fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients. To test the validity of their process, they used a BIOPAC MP150 system with ECG100C amplifier module while AcqKnowledge software stored and calculated the data. Their preliminary results suggest that their SET process could help provide long lasting treatment effects in diseases such as chronic pain. Read the full experiment here.

Carbon Dioxide inducing Anxiety: Researchers Khalsa, et al recently performed a follow up to their study where they demonstrated that carbon dioxide inhalation could induce panic anxiety in a group of rare lesion patients with focal bilateral amygdala damage. The group retested two of the previous patients to examine whether triggering palpitations and dyspnea via stimulation of non-chemosensory interoceptive channels would be sufficient to elicit panic anxiety. Heart rate, SCR, and respiratory rate were continuously recorded using a MP150 and biopotential amplifiers. Read the full paper here.

Inequality Game: Olga M. Klimecki , Patrik Vuilleumier and David Sander at the University of Geneva developed the Inequality Game (IG), a system in which to understand how different emotions and emphatic traits are linked to punishment behaviors. The sample consisted of 40 male students who played the Inequality Game so their emotional and behavioral reactions to anger provocation could be separately assessed in a socio-economic interaction. All participants had their SCR continuously recorded using an MP150 and SCR amplifier. Read the full study here.

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