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fNIRS 2022

Sunday, October 9, 2022 - Wednesday, October 12, 2022


Join BIOPAC for the 2022 fNIRS Conference! Stop by our booth to speak with our sales staff about our wide range of fNIRS applications and solutions.

BIOPAC provides a range of complete fNIRS systems that provide researchers with real-time monitoring of tissue oxygenation in the brain as subjects take tests, perform tasks, view advertisements, experience ergonomic layouts, or receive stimulation. fNIRS imaging eliminates many of the drawbacks of fMRI and easily synchronizes with stimuli presentation systems and integrates with other physiological and neurobehavioral measures that assess human brain activity. BIOPAC even offers an fNIRS lab as a part of the Biopac Student Lab.

BIOPAC’s fNIRS Webinars

See the fNIRS 2022 website for more conference information.

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EDA Electrodermal Activity Amplifier for MRI

MRI Smart Amplifier The EDA100C-MRI measures both the skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR) as they vary with sweat gland (eccrine) activity due to stress, arousal or emotional excitement. The EDA100C-MRI uses a constant voltage (0.5 V) technique to measure skin conductance. The controls allow selection of absolute (SCL+SCR) or relative (SCR) […]

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Latest News

New Citations | BIOPAC in EDA Research

Researchers utilize electrodermal activity (EDA) data in a wide array of protocols. These recent studies join thousands of BIOPAC citations for EDA and represent just a few of BIOPAC’s hardware options for wired, wireless, logged, or MRI protocols with reusable or disposable EDA accessories and AcqKnowledge software solutions for Automated EDA Analysis Routines and EDA Measurement Tools. Caffeine Delivery […]

EDA Guide Available

BIOPAC’s comprehensive EDA Guide provides an introduction to Electrodermal Activity (EDA or GSR) and details topics including: EDA Complex: SCL, SCR, tonic, phasic, specific SCR, non-specific SCR Participant Prep & Electrode Placement Data Recording tips Automated EDA Analysis Routines Digital input to Stim Events Stim-Response Analysis Derive Phasic EDA from Tonic Event-related EDA Analysis Locate […]

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