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OHBM 2020

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - Monday, June 29, 2020

Montreal, CA

- BIOPAC Systems Canada, Inc.

Join BIOPAC at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada to learn about tools to track emotion, thought, and cognition.

BIOPAC will be demonstrating a wide array of magnetic resonance imaging solutions and brain activity recorders. BIOPAC’s MR-safe amplifiers, electrodes, electrode leads, transducers and stimulus can record physiological signals during an MRI. FNIR systems can provide real-time monitoring of tissue oxygenation in the brain for use when subjects take tests, problem solve, or engage in other cognitive tasks.  Wireless options include B-Alert X10 EEG with Cognitive State & Workload metrics and Mobita Wireless EEG System for applications in psychology, neuromarketing, and brain-computer interaction. Add NIBP100D noninvasive blood pressure amplifier for comprehensive analysis.

Brain Body Interaction Experiment BIOPAC MRI EDA / GSR Watch any of these free on-demand training seminars to see how BIOPAC solutions can enhance brain mapping studies:

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free BIOPAC webinar

Eye Tracking Fundamentals

Eyes are the window to the soul and, more importantly, the brain. Psychophysiology, neuroscience, and consumer neuroscience researchers use eye tracking technology to understand emotion, behavior, subject response, decision-making, and human performance—and to help improve products and services. But not everyone knows where to start or how and why to use this important technology. A panel of eye tracking experts will present typical use cases and the latest eye tracking technology.

Watch this on-demand presentation with Q&A to learn the fundamentals of eye tracking!

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Correlating Driver Fatigue and Altitude Change In ongoing efforts to make our roads ever safer, frequent studies are published researching driver fatigue. In this study, researchers used wearable Eye Tracking technology and recorded eye movement, blink rate, and other physiological signals with the BIOPAC MP160 Data Acquisition Unit. The purpose of the study was to […]

Electrocardiography Guide Now Available

BIOPAC’s just released Introductory ECG Guide addresses fundamental to advanced concerns to optimize electrocardiography data recording and analysis. Topics include: ECG Complex; Electrical and Mechanical Sequence of a Heartbeat; Systole and Diastole; Configurations for Lead I, Lead II, Lead III, 6-lead ECG, 12-lead ECG, precordial leads; Ventricular Late Potentials (VLPs); ECG Measurement Tools; Automated Analysis Routines […]

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