Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) Integration for AcqKnowledge

Thursday, June 27, 2024

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This webinar will focus on the new Lab Streaming Layer integration for BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge software. This will include demonstrations of the new LSL integrations for the Apex 32-channel wearable EEG system and the Axon-R Brain Computer Interface Augmented Reality headset. The Apex EEG system and the Axon-R headset both support LSL for access to their data streams. The AcqKnowledge LSL integration provides real-time access to the data streams from both devices for synchronization, display, recording, and analysis. Plus, these streams can be combined with any other signals being recorded by BIOPAC hardware.

Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) is a powerful framework for real-time data streaming and synchronization. LSL is intended to simplify the integration of data through a standardized application programming interface (API) that can be used by researchers and manufacturers to bring distinct data streams together for display, recording and data analysis. BIOPAC is adding LSL integration to AcqKnowledge as a new licensed feature.

What is LSL?

  • LSL is an open-source protocol designed to collect and integrate measurement time series data in research experiments.
  • It handles networking, time synchronization, real-time access, and optional centralized data collection and recording.
  • LSL is particularly useful for human psychological/physiological neuroimaging/psychophysiology applications involving diverse devices and signal sources.

LSL Purpose and Features:

  • LSL simplifies data integration by providing a standardized API for various hardware devices (neural, physiological, behavioral) supported by the protocol.
  • It allows seamless communication between hardware devices and software applications.
  • LSL can synchronize multiple data and marker streams, regardless of data type and sampling rate.

Webinar Details:

  • BIOPAC is integrating LSL into AcqKnowledge as a new licensed feature.
  • The webinar will showcase AcqKnowledge’s user interface and demonstrate how to bring networked LSL data into AcqKnowledge from third-party sources.
  • Specifically, it will cover the integration with the Apex 32-channel EEG system and the Axon-R Brain Computer Interface Augmented Reality headset, both of which use LSL for raw data access.

Attendees will learn about setting up LSL, receiving, recording data, and troubleshooting common issues.

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BIOPAC CEOFrazer Findlay – CEO of BIOPAC

Frazer Findlay has more than 25 years of experience in life science data acquisition and analysis. Frazer is a well-regarded expert in the physiology monitoring industry and has facilitated workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is familiar with a variety of software, equipment, and laboratory protocols for a wide array of signals and measurements. Frazer joined BIOPAC in 1996 as the Domestic Sales Manager and became CEO in 2008. He continues to develop and grow the business while also working with physiology measurement and biometric companies to improve the physiology monitoring industry.

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