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Experimental Biology (EB 2019)

Sunday, April 7, 2019 - Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Orlando, FL

See BIOPAC at Experimental Biology—visit Booth #908 for live
demos and hands-on trials of data acquisition & analysis
tools for animal or human life science research and teaching

Experimental Biology BIOPAC
BIOPAC provides world-class data acquisition systems and data loggers for scientific, life sciences research, data analysis and research opportunities.

In addition, Biopac Student Lab is a fast and easy-to-implement solution that includes the hardware and curriculum materials that students use to gather data from their own bodies, animals, or tissue preparations.

BIOPAC will be demonstrating these solutions at Booth #908!


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Experimental Biology is the annual meeting of 5 societies bringing together over 12,000 top life science researchers and 25 guest societies from around the world. Over 65 countries have been represented in interdisciplinary fields including pharmacology and physiology. For more information on the conference, see the Experimental Biology website.

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Collect Human Blood Pressure during MRI Experiments

How to measure continuous, beat-by-beat, noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) on subjects in the MRI … this on-demand training covers theory of operation and system validation, how to set it up on a subject, how to collect great data, and how to synchronize NIBP data with other physiological signals.

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Electrocardiography Guide Now Available

BIOPAC’s just released Introductory ECG Guide addresses fundamental to advanced concerns to optimize electrocardiography data recording and analysis. Topics include: ECG Complex; Electrical and Mechanical Sequence of a Heartbeat; Systole and Diastole; Configurations for Lead I, Lead II, Lead III, 6-lead ECG, 12-lead ECG, precordial leads; Ventricular Late Potentials (VLPs); ECG Measurement Tools; Automated Analysis Routines […]

New Citations | Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, Muscles & Computer Mice

Recent Studies using BIOPACs MP-Series (MP160, MP150) data recorders, ECG Amplifiers, and BioNomadix Wireless recorders: Singing style to infants Mothers around the world sing to infants, presumably to regulate their mood and arousal. Lullabies and playsongs differ stylistically and have distinctive goals. Mothers sing lullabies to soothe and calm infants, and playsongs to engage and […]

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