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New Citations | Energy Drinks, Uninostril Breathing, Sub-Vocal Speech

emgactiverectifiedEnergy Drinks and Blood Pressure: Energy drinks are used to increase energy in the body through various physiologic means. Bashir Uddin, Mohiuddin Ahmad, and Mohd Abdur Rashid measured blood pressure changes as a result of energy drink consumption. Twelve adult male participants lay down after each consumed an energy drink. Their ECGs were then  recorded for about 95 minutes using BIOPAC’s MP36R System. Find the full article here.


Uninostril Yoga Breathing and Hemoglobin Levels: Researchers at the Division of Yoga and Life Science measured changing hemoglobin levels in the left and right prefrontal cortex as a result of controlled breathing techniques. Three participant groups were assigned different breathing techniques to perform for 15 minutes. Hemoglobin was measured both 5 minutes before the experiment and ten minutes into the experiment using the fNIR100B. Read about the experiment here.


Sub-Vocal Speech Patterns: Munna Khan and Mosarrat of the  Department of Electrical Engineering at Jamia Millia Islamia measured sub-vocal speech patterns with Hindi phonemes. EMG recording was the primary method used to recognize human articulatory muscle patterns. The BIOPAC Data Acquisition Unit measured EMG signals by placing sensors on the throats of several test participants. As the subjects silently spoke the phonemes, the MP System recorded the sub-vocal EMG signal. Find the full paper here.

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NIRS Experiment License

fNIRS Lesson License

Add fNIRS Lessons to a C Series Imager Record NIRS measurements from the forehead and the forearm at two wavelengths, 730 nm for deoxy-Hb and 850 nm for oxy-Hb. Students embark on real-world NIRS research using a student-friendly approach in these four guided lessons covering nine experiments. COBI Modern makes NIRS experimentation easy for students […]

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New Citations | BIOPAC in EDA Research

Researchers utilize electrodermal activity (EDA) data in a wide array of protocols. These recent studies join thousands of BIOPAC citations for EDA and represent just a few of BIOPAC’s hardware options for wired, wireless, logged, or MRI protocols with reusable or disposable EDA accessories and AcqKnowledge software solutions for Automated EDA Analysis Routines and EDA Measurement Tools. Caffeine Delivery […]

EDA Guide Available

BIOPAC’s comprehensive EDA Guide provides an introduction to Electrodermal Activity (EDA or GSR) and details topics including: EDA Complex: SCL, SCR, tonic, phasic, specific SCR, non-specific SCR Participant Prep & Electrode Placement Data Recording tips Automated EDA Analysis Routines Digital input to Stim Events Stim-Response Analysis Derive Phasic EDA from Tonic Event-related EDA Analysis Locate […]

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