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Hands-on Physiology Lessons  

The Biopac Student Lab revolutionizes how students learn the life sciences by eliminating complex setup tasks and letting them focus on learning the subject. More than just a data recorder, the Biopac Student Lab is an integrated set of hardware, software, and documentation that guides students through a set of lessons that illustrate fundamental physiological principles. Lessons offer active learning segments and software supports student-designed experiments.

Start with a core package and add components at any time as your needs or your budget change. Students use industry-standard equipment—BP cuff and stethoscope are the same versions used in hospitals. Using BSL helps students comprehend the underlying theory and what high/low BP values really mean. You can also use our transducer interface series to use your existing equipment with the full power of the Biopac Student Lab System.

record physiology

Start with a BSL System and add transducers to match your learning objectives

Learn more about Biopac Student Lab or Request a Demo now to discover how BSL Nursing Solutions can optimize the classroom for you and your students!

Join thousands of worldwide users who run the Biopac Student Lab at 2-year, 4-year, nursing, and medical programs. 


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Cardiac Output amplifier

NICO Smart Amplifier

The NICO Smart Amplifier is specifically designed to measure thoracic impedance for performing noninvasive cardiac output measurements. The amplifier terminates in two connectors for impedance (Z) and its derivative (dZ), and has a 3 m cable that connects directly to an AMI100D Amplifier Input Module. Use with EL526 strip electrodes and CBL246 adapter or with EL500 […]

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New Citations | BIOPAC in ANS Research

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is responsible for regulating the functions of all the body’s organs. Take a look at this month’s citations to see how to apply BIOPAC’s tools and learn techniques for ANS research… Comparable responses to a wide range of olfactory stimulation in women and men. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 9059. Lillqvist, M., Claeson, […]

New Citations | BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge Software

BIOPAC tools are used for studies in a variety of different fields and disciplines. AcqKnowledge software is one of our universally applicable tools, used by thousands of labs around the world and cited in thousands of peer reviewed publications, such as the following studies… The psychophysiology of guilt in healthy adults. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 1-18. […]

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