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AcqKnowledge 3.9 Demo – Mac OS

The AcqKnowledge Demo is in the Applications folder on the hard drive (default installation)

AcqKnowledge demo software for the MP150 and MP100 effectively simulates data recording from a variety of transducers and performs all functions except saving files and printing.

Installation instructions are below, sample data files are also included.

Also be sure to visit:

AcqKnowledge dmeo simulates data recording

Installation Instructions
Requires Mac OS X 10.3 or greater

  1. Download a self-extracting demo installer:
    Full demo – 44 MB
    See ackdemom.hqx under Associated files
    Installs support documents and Help menu links
    Full AcqKnowledge Demo includes support files and Help links
    Web demo – 18 MB
    See ackdemomweb.hqx under Associated files
    Does not install all support documents and disables Help links for some items

    • This smaller demo file for quicker download does install the AcqKnowledge Tutorial & Demo.pdf guide.
    • Depending on your OS settings, you may need to convert or unstuff the download (.hqx and .sea formats). If necessary, you can download a free “Stuffit Expander” at
  2. Double-click on the downloaded demo installer.
    Install AcqKnowledge 3.9 Demo (VISE installer) or
    AcqKnowledge 3.9 Web Demo (VISE installer)
    • A Wizard will guide you through installation.
  3. Start the AcqKnowledge Demo by opening the “AcqKnowledge 3.9 DEMO” folder in the Applications folder on the Macintosh HD and clicking “AcqKnowledge 3.9 Demo” to launch the program, and then click the “Start” button in the graph window.
    The AcqKnowledge Demo is in the Applications folder on the hard drive (default installation)

If you prefer, you can order a FREE AcqKnowledge Demo CD.

Associated Files

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