New Citations | Recording Evoked Potentials

Our response to the stimuli our brains are bombarded with daily can easily be recorded using averaged evoked potentials (EP). EP can provide a wealth of information about our psychophysiological states. Here are some recent evoked potentials citations…

person holding their legThe effect of elevated muscle pain on neuromuscular fatigue during exerciseEur J Appl Physiol 122, 113–126. Norbury, R., Smith, S.A., Burnley, M. et al. (2022).

  • The goal of this study was to discover how muscle pain affects exercise performance by looking at neuromuscular fatigue. Researchers recorded EMG using a BIOPAC system. BIOPAC’s signal amplifier and data acquisition module were also used to measure isometric force of participants’ knee extenders. All of the recordings were managed through BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge software.

Identifying physiological correlates of cybersickness using heartbeat-evoked potential analysisVirtual Reality 26, 1193–1205. Chang, E., Kim, H.T. & Yoo, B. (2022).

  • Researchers aimed to find the psychophysiological correlates to cybersickness. This study performed a heartbeat-evoked potential analysis to determine the effects of VR on participants. They used BIOPAC’s ECG100C to measure ECG and AcqKnowledge to analyze their findings.

Early Visual Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder as Assessed by Visual Evoked Potentials (Doctoral dissertation). Leslie Fournier, N. F. (2022).

  • This study used visual-evoked potentials (VEP) to determine whether early visual processing could be an early neuromarker for autism. Researchers utilized a BIOPAC Data Acquisition System and AcqKnowledge software to record their findings.

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