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AcqKnowledge is an interactive, versatile software program that allows you to manage data in real time. Perform complex data acquisition, stimulation, triggering and analyses using intuitive navigation. Here are some recent AcqKnowledge citations…

Measure Embarrassment with BIOPACThe nature of vicarious embarrassment. Journal of Business Research153, 355-364. Ziegler, A. H., Allen, A. M., Peloza, J., & Norris, J. I. (2022).   

  • This study validates the presence of vicarious embarrassment when observers notice someone buy sensitive products. The researchers recorded physiological responses to identify embarrassment among observers, using AcqKnowledge software to record their findings.

Setup for Multimodal Human Stress Dataset CollectionMeasuring Behavior, Mahesh, B., Weber, D., Garbas, J., Foltyn, A., Oppelt, M. P., Becker, L., … & Lang, N. (2022).

  • In this study, researchers aimed to collect a representative dataset of stress response based on psychological, physiological, behavioral, and contextual aspects. The goal is for this dataset to create a foundation for monitoring stress in individuals in order to better monitor stress levels. Researchers used BIOPAC’s multimodal system with AcqKnowledge for physiological recording and management of the data.

The effect of acute nicotine administration on human delay cued and context fear conditioningExperimental and Clinical PsychopharmacologyPalmisano, A. N., Gould, T. J., & Astur, R. S. (2022).

  • Researchers studied the effect of nicotine on cued and context fear in humans in this study. Prior research has been focused around non-human subjects and this study wanted to translate previous findings to human subjects. In order to test for levels of fear, physiological skin conductance responses were recorded throughout the study. BIOPAC’s research system with AcqKnowledge was used to record research and results of this study.

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