BIOPAC used to track ad response

BIOPAC hardware and software is used by Disney's media lab to monitor web surfers and track advertising effectiveness.

Read Lab Watches Web Surfers to See Which Ads Work
By BROOKS BARNES in The New York Times
(Publisher: The New York Times; Date: Jul 27, 2009)

BIOPAC hardware and software used by Disney's The Media Panel to watch web surfers and track ad response

BIOPAC equipment used in the lab to monitor participants as they watch ads includes:

  • Heart rate monitoring:
    • MP150 data acquisition and analysis system with AcqKnowledge software
    • GSR100C electrodeermal activity amplifier module
    • PPG100C pulse plethysmyograph with TSD200A PPG ear clip
    • LEAD110 electrode leads and EL503 disposable electrodes
  • Goggle-based eye tracking:

  • Stereoscopic camera-based eye tracking:




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