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Use the hardware application program interface (BHAPI) to create your own programs to control BIOPAC's MP36/35 or MP150 hardware.  


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API BIOPAC File Formats BIOPAC File Format Application Programming Interface (ACKAPI) functions give software developers the ability to retrieve data from files in BIOPAC's file format. The API is a software library that people with programming knowledge can use to identify and parse information in BIOPAC’s ACQ binary file format. The API is a software library for programmers to…

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API BIOPAC Hardware The BIOPAC Hardware API gives software developers control over BIOPAC acquisition units. Software developers can use the BIOPAC Hardware API functions to: Acquire data Set sample rate Set triggers Get the status of the MP unit Use the Analog Output channels Use the Digital I/O Hardware API available for MP160, MP150, MP36A-R & MP36R (Research Systems)…

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