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Add Eye Tracking to gather meaningful insights on attention and decision making. BIOPAC offers an array of eye tracking systems that are easily integrated with a VR system.

    Create VR eye tracking experiments and transform how you analyze human behavior A simple yet powerful solution for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR. Complete Virtual Reality Eye Tracking Systems allow you to immerse two* users in easy-to-create VR scenarios and collect synchronized eye tracking and physiological data for a comprehensive response assessment.
  • HMD head mounted display systems
  • scene tracking systems
  • monocular and binocular systems
  • movable systems (*fixed head eye tracking systems are also available, but are not optimum for most VR applications)
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Examine fixation, eye travel, and saccadic movements. Use automated routines and online calculation channels to examine data. Use AcqKnowledge to process and analyze data from pupil tracking camera based systems. Record with fixed head, moveable head, HMD, or scene camera solutions from BIOPAC or import data from other eye tracking providers. AcqKnowledge includes an automated SMI import feature that allows SMI eye tracking data to be seamlessly integrated with physiological data.


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