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Carotid to Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity (cfPWV) measurement

carotid to femoral pulse wave velocity data

Classic (gold standard) Carotid to Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity (cfPWV) measurement. Pulse Transit Time (PTT) is calculated by referencing both carotid and femoral pressure rise to ECG R-wave. 80% of the length from carotid to femoral sensing points is divided by PTT to obtain PWV. PWV increases as biological age increases, due to increased arterial stiffness.

 carotid measurement

Record using BIOPAC’s MP160 Data Acquisition System with AcqKnowledge Research Software, Transducer Amplifier DA100C, Electrocardiogram Amplifier ECG100D or ECG100C, Pressure Transducer TSD160A, and tubing (contact BIOPAC). Also works with MP36 4-channel systems or MP46 2-channel systems using  Pressure Transducer SS40L, shielded ECG leads SS2LB, and tubing (contact BIOPAC).

Graph Source: Meyer, M. L., Tanaka, H., Palta, P., Cheng, S., Gouskova, N., Aguilar, D., & Heiss, G. (2016). Correlates of segmental pulse wave velocity in older adults: the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) StudyAmerican journal of hypertension29(1), 114-122.

Replicating results by Kawon V. Kim, et. al. at the Kite Research Institute, Toronto, CA. See Kim, K. V. (2021). A Clinical Guide for the Acquisition and Analysis of Carotid to Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity using Applanation Tonometry in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury (Doctoral dissertation, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute).

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