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wireless physiology logger

To record subjects in their home environments or environmental simulations for Consumer Neuroscience/Neuroeconomics research, choose one of BIOPAC’s powerful data logging systems to capture and analyze key physiological signals. Choose from the BioNomadix Logger, BioHarness system, or the Mobita 32-channel biopotential logging system. Stream data live or record to an internal storage card for later upload.

Data loggers with AcqKnowledge® provide researchers with a great way to log data from subjects that are on the go. Each device provides a range of physiological signals that are stored locally on the device for future download.

Transducer options include the BioShirt to unobtrusively record ECG and Respiration with smart fabric sensors that transmit to the BioNomadix ECG-RSP set—no additional electrodes or devices are connected to the subject.

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The system also operates in Bluetooth telemetry mode to transmit data back to a computer where AcqKnowledge® software displays and analyzes the signals in real time.

The following signals are available from the BioHarness:

Data Channels
  • ECG – Raw
  • Breathing
  • RR Interval
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Temperature
  • Posture
  • Vector Magnitude
  • Peak Acceleration
  • Breathing Wave Amplitude
  • X axis acceleration min
  • X axis acceleration peak
  • Y axis acceleration min
  • Y axis acceleration peak
  • Z axis acceleration peak
  • Z axis acceleration min

32-Channel Biopotential Recording and Logging

Record up to 32-channels of biopotential data simultaneously from mobile subjects. Record a 32-channel EEG or record a combination of biopotential signals including ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, and more! Data can be streamed in real-time or recorded for later upload into AcqKnowledge. Contact BIOPAC for more information on this new system.


Application Notes

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