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295 – Emotions and EEG Theta, Beta, and Gamma Waves

EEG100D amp with EEG leads and electrodesLearn about EEG data processing filters and features. Alan Macy presented this at IEEE EMBC 2022, Glasgow Scotland in Theme 6. Neural and Rehabilitation Engineering: Workshop – The Fast-Changing Landscape of Electroencephalography, organized by Walt Besio.

Examples use an EEG100D Smart Amp connected to an MP160 Data Acquisition System with AcqKnowledge Software; other EEG amplifiers can also be used.

Example One

Acquire real-time EEG
Perform Real-time Comb Band Stop Filter
Perform FFT of Comb Band Stop Filter Output
Perform FT of FIR Filters
Perform Bandpass Filtering
Perform Absolute Value Conversion
Perform Lowpass Filtering
Perform Waveform Math to obtain Theta/Beta Ratio



Example Two

Acquire raw EEG
Power Spectral Density of Raw EEG
Perform Comb Bandstop Filtering
Power Spectral Density of EEG after Comb Bandstop Filtering
Perform Delta Wave Filtering
Perform Theta Wave Filtering
Perform Alpha Wave Filtering
Perform Beta Wave Filtering
Perform Gamma Wave Filtering
Perform ABS on Filtered Data
Perform 1 Hz Lowpass Filtering (Smooth)
Perform Waveform Math to obtain Theta/Beta Ratio

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