ICG: Impedance Cardiography/Cardiac Output

AcqKnowledge ICG data dz/dt impedance cardiography

Record cardiac output, thoracic impedance changes, or any kind of bioimpedance signal. Use AcqKnowledge for a fully automated ICG analysis and dZ/dt waveform classifier.


AcqKnowledge PPG and ECG data for PTT

Record PPG, measure BP indirectly, look at appendage size variations, and perform sexual arousal studies using BIOPAC or 3rd-party transducers.


AcqKnowledge ECG, Respiration, EDA (GSR), heart rate data

Record and analyze BP, ECG, HRV, EDA, EMG, EEG, EOG, RSP, etc. Interface to stimulus presentation programs…use automated analysis routines to easily score and analyze data.

Sleep Studies

AcqKnowledge ECG, EEG, respiration, EMG heart rate data

Long term recordings with up to 16 channels of data. Record EEG, EOG, EMG, respiration, temp., sound, limb position and more. Filter out EEG frequencies to score sleep stages.

Stim-Response | Virtual Reality

virtual reality with BIOPAC

Synchronize events from a virtual world with physiological data from an MP150 system. Use feedback loops for greater control and automation—change the VR world in real time.