AcqKnowledge 4 released with over 100 new features

AcqKnowledge 4 software has 100+ new features

Scoring and automation tools included in the new AcqKnowledge 4 software help you standardize your analysis protocol and eliminate subjectivity.

AcqKnowledge 4 is not a locked system so you can edit the scoring and rerun any of the automated analysis routines using the edited file. The new tools save an immense amount of time and provide measures that are otherwise too difficult to obtain.

Analysis Packages

  • Detect and Classify Heartbeats
  • Locate ECG Complex Boundaries
  • Chaos Analysis—Detrended Fluctuation Analysis; Optimal Embedding Dimension; Optimal Time Delay; Plot Attractor; Correlation Coefficient
  • Electrodermal Activity—Derive Phasic EDA from Tonic; Event-related EDA Analysis; Locate SCRs
  • Electroencephalography—Compute Approximate Entropy; Delta Power Analysis; Derive Alpha-RMS; Derive EEG Frequency Bands; EEG Frequency Analysis; Remove EOG Artifacts
  • Electromyography—Derive Average Rectified EMG; Derive Integrated EMG; Derive Root Mean Square EMG; EMG Frequency & Power Analysis; Locate Muscle Activation
  • Ensemble Average
  • Epoch Analysis
  • Hemodynamic Analysis—Classifiers: ABP, LVP, MAP; Arterial Blood Pressure; ECG Interval Extraction; Left Ventricular Blood Pressure; Monophasic Action Potential; Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
  • Impedance Cardiography Analysis—Adaptive template matching; C point location; Body Surface Area; Ideal Body Weight; ICG Analysis; VEPT; PEP Pre-ejection Period; dZ/dt Derive from Raw Z; dZ/dt Classifier: B, C, X, Y, and O Points; dZ/dt Remove Motion Artifacts
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging—Artifact Frequency Removal; Artifact Projection Removal; Median Filter Artifact Removal; Signal Blanking
  • Neurophysiology—Amplitude Histograms; Classify Spikes; Average Action Potentials; Dwell Time Histograms; Generate Spike Trains
    Locate Spike Episodes; Find Overlapping Spike Episodes; Set Episode Width & Offset
  • Principal Component Denoising
  • Remove Trend
  • Respiration—Compliance & Resistance; Penh Analysis; Pulmonary Airflow
  • Spectral Subtraction
  • Stim-Response—Digital Input to Stim Events; Stim-Response Analysis
  • Waterfall Plot
  • Wavelet Denoising

Plus, new multichannel event marking system, cycle (peak) detector interface, transformations, calculation channels, measurements, file formats, and user interface enhancements.

Discover the power and flexibility of the new AcqKnowledge 4 software. Download a demo or Click to read more…


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