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BIOPAC offers a range of electrodes, electrode leads, and
accessories for all your research needs.

  • Use radiotranslucent (RT) electrodes for MRI applications; see BIOPAC MRI Guidelines.
  • Use hole (H) electrodes to syringe electrode gel into the electrode cavity after placement.
  • Use MEC Extension Cable series to extend electrode leads by 3 meters.

Electrodes Options
      Gels, tapes, wraps, abrasive pads, adhesive disks, micromanipulator
      Record surface EMG and fine wire EMG (use with HLT100C High Level Transducer interface)
   Ag-AgCl Reusable
      Silver-Silver-Chloride surface electrodes, 4 or 8 mm, shielded or unshielded, snap, Touchproof, RT, or gel hole
   Au Reusable
      Gold cup electrodes: 10 mm cup diameter, 1.2 m green, red or white Touchproof leadwire. Also available as ear clip electrodes.
      Concave or Convex bar electrodes, shielded or unshielded surface electrodes
   Disposable Electrodes
      Pre-gelled or dry surface electrodes with snap connector - cloth, foam, long-term, paired, RT, Bioimpedance, EDA
   EEG Electrode Cap
      Electrode Cap System pre-positioned in international 10/20 montage, infant to large caps
      Clip leads (1 or 3 m; shielded or unshielded; RT), lead for EL120, NICO100C, EBI100C
   Needle Electrodes
      Bipolar concentric 25 mm, Unipolar 12 mm, and Unipolar 37 mm with Touchproof connectors
      Nerve Chambers - 15 stainless steel pins for recording and stimulating, 35 mL reservoir
      Human-safe stim with push-button safety; dual needle electrode for animal or tissue preps
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