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Noninvasive Cardiac Output Module

The NICO100C Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Noninvasive Cardiac Output Module records specific parameters associated with cardiac output measurements. It incorporates a precision high frequency current source, which injects a very small (400 µA) measurement current through the thoracic volume defined by the placement of a set of current source electrodes. A separate set of monitoring electrodes measures the voltage developed across the thorax volume. Because the current is constant, the voltage measured is proportional to the impedance characteristics of the thorax.

The NICO100C simultaneously measures impedance magnitude (Zo; labeled "Z") and derivative (dZ/dt; labeled "DZ"). Zo and dZ/dt can be recorded at four different measurement frequencies, from 12.5kHz to 100kHz; cardiac output measurements are usually performed at a measurement frequency of 50 kHz.

AcqKnowledge includes automated tools for the automatic analysis of impedance cardiography (ICG), cardiac output and other hemodynamic parameters using noninvasive bioimpedance techniques. The software automatically scores the data and provides tabulated results in either a Journal file or Excel. Click below for ICG Analysis video...

Output Channels
The CH SELECT switch has four bank settings, which assign NICO100C output (Zo and dZ/dt) channels as follows:

Bank Magnitude (Zo) Derivative (dZ/dt)
1 Channel 1 Channel 9
2 Channel 2 Channel 10
3 Channel 3 Channel 11
4 Channel 4 Channel 12

If a particular NICO100C output is not used, the respective assigned channel cannot be used for another modules output; simply do not record on the assigned channel.

Possible Lead Configurations

  • Human, Absolute, Shielded: LEAD130 lead with EL506 bioimpedance strip or EL500 paired disposable electrodes.
  • Human, Absolute, Unshielded: 8 x LEAD110 leads with 4 x CBL204 Touchproof "Y" lead adapters and EL500 paired disposable electrodes.
  • Human, Relative Measures, Unshielded or Small Animal or EBI-specific Measures (flow, plethysmography, etc.): 4 x LEAD110 leads with EL506 bioimpedance strip or EL500 paired disposable electrodes.
    • Use for injecting current and averaging at four paired-electrode sites (required for cardiac output measurements). The best placement for all eight electrodes, considering the anatomical shape of the thorax, is along the frontal plane (wider dimension). When directed through the thorax, the measurement current seeks the shortest and most conductive pathway. Consequently, the measurement current flows through the thoracic aorta and vena cava superior and inferior.

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