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Gas Analysis Sys for BSL, 1.7 L

Obtain real-time oxygen consumption (VO 2) and respiratory exchange ratio (RER) measurements using the BSL MP3X System with the GASSYS module and some airflow accessories.

  • Ships with AFT7 smooth bore tubing, AFT11E flexible coupler, and AFT22 non-rebreathing T-valve.

The GASSYS2 measures expired O 2 and CO 2 concentrations.

  • When the subject inspires, air will be drawn into the GasSys2 through the SS11LA airflow transducer. The SS11LA is placed on the inspiration side to eliminate any effects associated with expired air humidity.
  • When the subject expires, air will be directed to the GasSys2 module. The GasSys2 is designed to work with saturated expired air.

The non-rebreathing T-valve directs only expired air to the GasSys2. Because only expired air is directed to the module, the system acts to average respiratory outflows. This averaging effect causes the CO 2 and O 2 concentrations to vary in accordance to the mean values resident in a few expired breaths.

See BSL PRO Lesson H19 VO 2 and RER for sample GasSys2 setup and data.

Validation of the BIOPAC indirect calorimeter for determining resting energy expenditure in healthy free-living older people
K. Khalaj-Hedayati et al. / Nutrition Research 29 (2009) 531–541

Chamber Options
Two chamber sizes are available for the GasSys2. Each chamber assembly includes the chamber casing and rod. The chambers work exactly the same way and are interchangeable on the module base. Use the smaller chamber size for small children/medium sized animals.

  • 5-liter chamber: included in the GASSYS2-EA;
    Order the chamber only as
  • 1.7-liter chamber: included in the GASSYS2-EB ;
    Order the chamber only as

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