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ECG Electrocardiogram Amplifier

The ECG100C Electrocardiogram Amplifier records electrical activity generated by the heart and will reliably record ECG from humans, animals and isolated organ preparations. The ECG amplifier output can be switched between normal ECG output and R-wave detection. The R-wave mode outputs a smoothed pulse with the occurrence of each R-wave. The exact timing of the R-wave is detected even under conditions of extreme signal artifact. The amplifier also includes a user-switchable baseline stabilizer.

Use the AcqKnowledge software to provide a complete Lead II ECG analysis. The software automatically scores the data and extracts the measurements of interest on a cycle-by-cycle basis. The results are automatically exported to Excel or pasted in the Journal file. AcqKnowledge also includes a fully automated HRV analysis feature. The HRV analysis provides values for VLF, LF, HF, VHF, sympathetic, and vagal, as well as the sympathetic / vagal balance.

ECG100C ECG amplifier and AcqKnowledge automated ECG analysis

ECG analysis 3d surface plot (waterfall) of Lead II ECG recording

12-lead ECG Options

  • For full, simultaneous, 12-lead ECG recording, use a total of eight ECG100C amplifiers and a WT100C Wilson terminal (virtual reference). Use two ECG100C to record Leads I and II, from which the software will calculate Lead III, aVR, aVL and aVF, and use six ECG100C to simultaneously generate the six precordial chest leads (V1-V6).
  • To generate a 12-lead recording using seven simultaneous leads with a single precordial chest lead appended in data segments, use three ECG100C amplifiers and a TSD155C multi-lead ECG cable (which incorporates a built-in Wilson Terminal). Use two ECG100C to generate Leads I and II, from which the software will calculate Lead III, aVR, aVL and aVF, and use the other ECG100C with the TSD155C to record one (movable) precordial lead [V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 or V6] in appended data segments.
MRI/CT Scan Trigger Option
  • To trigger an MRI System or CT Scanner with the occurrence of the R-wave present in animal (high frequency) ECG or respiratory data for gating purposes, use the DTU100 Digital Trigger Unit.

 Cardiovascular Hemodynamics
     Hardware for human and animals. Measure continuous BP, ECG, stroke volume, cardiac output, PPG, etc. For animal and tissue look at acute and chronic dose-response.
 ECG: Cardiology
     Connect up to 16 ECG input leads with MP150 system. Use automated anlaysis features for HRV, RSA, to classify heartbeats, identify arrhythmias, and perform ECG averaging.
 Exercise Physiology
     Examine ventilation, oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide production, biopotentials, temp., and biomechanical signals simultaneously. Record wirelessly with BioNomadix.
 fNIR Functional Near Infrared Optical Brain Imaging
     Measure and analyze oxygen level changes in the prefrontal cortex of human subjects during cognitive tasks or stimulation. Sensors available for adult or pediatric applications.
 ICG: Impedance Cardiography/Cardiac Output
     Record cardiac output, thoracic impedance changes, or any kind of bioimpedance signal. Use AcqKnowledge for a fully automated ICG analysis and dZ/dt waveform classifier.
 Magnetic Resonance Imaging with BIOPAC Equipment
     Electrodes, electrode leads, transducers, and stimulus options for safe data acquisition in the MRI. Record biopotentials, temperature, respiration, EDA, dynamometry, blood pressure, etc.
 Neuromarketing and Neuroeconomics
     Neuromarketing and neuroeconomics tools to study consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli and decision making tasks. Use fNIR, MRI solutions, EEG, and wireless physiology.
 Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
     Human—continuous system with finger sensor. Fits children through large adults. MRI system also available. Animal—tail cuff sensor with automatic inflation.
     Record PPG, measure BP indirectly, look at appendage size variations, and perform sexual arousal studies using BIOPAC or 3rd-party transducers.
     Record and analyze BP, ECG, HRV, EDA, EMG, EEG, EOG, RSP, etc. Interface to stimulus presentation programs...use automated analysis routines to easily score and analyze data.
 Remote Monitoring
     BioNomadix modules provide high quality, full-bandwidth data for a variety of signals—ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, PPG, RSP, SKT, Accelerometry, Cardiac Output, Dynamometry, and Heel-Toe Strike.
 Sleep Studies
     Long term recordings with up to 16 channels of data. Record EEG, EOG, EMG, respiration, temp., sound, limb position and more. Filter out EEG frequencies to score sleep stages.

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