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Breadboard Kit, BSL

The SS39L Signal Processing Breadboard includes all parts required to complete eight (8) lab projects and an overall system check with your existing BSL System. These projects constitute an important subset of circuit design when recording and processing physiological signals. Students will be able to evaluate their designs with the MP3X hardware and BSL PRO software.

The Breadboard Lab Book includes schematics and design notes for the following projects:

  1. Square Wave Oscillator
  2. Instrumentation Amplifier—video 1
  3. Active Filter: High Pass
  4. Active Gain Block & Low Pass
  5. Notch Filter for 50/60 Hz Rejection—video 2
  6. QRS Detection: Band Pass Filter—video 3
  7. QRS Detection: Absolute Value Circuit—video 4
  8. QRS Detection: Low Pass Filter and Overall System Test—video 5

The SS39L ships with one Signal/Power Cable (MP3X to Breadboard) to record signal performance on one channel, and one Signal Cable (SS60L) for an additional signal/channel; supports two channels as shipped, add extra SS60L for more channels. One electrode interface (BSL-TCI22: SS2L to SS39L) is provided for circuit configurations that require electrodes.

Use the Breadboard Accessories to add work stations that can share the signal and/or power cable(s).

  • For design guidelines, see Curriculum > H25 BME Breadboard I and H26 Breadboard II (BSL PRO lessons).
  • For information on using the Biopac Student Lab System in a BME Lab, see Resources below to see our white papers: Physiological Signal Processing Lab, Inquiry-Based Biomedical Signal Processing, and Students As Signal Sources.
  • Read more: Virtual Instruments in Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Laboratories, Randy D. Trumbower and John D. Enderle, IEEE ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY MAGAZINE, JULY/AUGUST 2003

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Click here to find more information on Research Click here for more information on Education