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Present a wide array of psychophysiology experimental techniques with the BSL Psychophysiology System. Lessons guide students through recording and analysis modalities to provide building blocks that empower students to perform increasingly advanced studies. Acquire signals for ECG, EDA/GSR, EEG, EMG, EOG and EGG. Combine physiological data with trigger information time-synced to advanced stimulus presentation paradigms. Increase your lab options by adding noninvasive cardiac output and beat-by-beat blood pressure and analyze data while students perform tasks or respond to a presentation.

The BSL Psychophysiology & Neurophysiology system includes the following:
  • BSL 4 Software (Lessons and PRO)
  • BSL Laboratory Manual MANBSL4
  • Searchable PDF Manuals and Tutorials (BSL PRO, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key, etc.)
  • MP36 Data Acquisition Unit with USB Cable, DC Adapter (110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz) & Cord (US or Euro)
  • 2 x Electrode Lead Set SS2LB
  • Disposable Electrodes (100/pk) - EL503
  • Abrasive Pads (10/pk) - ELPAD
  • EDA (GSR) Lead Set - SS57LA
  • EDA (isotonic gel, 100/pk) Electrodes - EL507
  • BP Cuff Transducer - SS19L
  • Electronic Stethoscope Transducer - SS30L
  • Hand Switch - SS10L
  • Headphones - OUT1
  • Pulse Transducer - SS4LA
  • Respiratory Effort Transducer - SS5LB
  • Colored Paper Set (for BSL Lesson 9) - PAPER1

Perform 28 or more lessons with this core package:


  • BSL1 Standard & Integrated EMG
  • H07 EMG Contractions - Active Learning
  • H27 Facial EMG
  • H34 EGG Electrogastrogram
  • H36 Muscular Biofeedback


  • BSL5 Components of the ECG (Lead II)
  • BSL6 Leads I, II, III & Einthoven’s Law
  • BSL7 ECG & Pulse
  • BSL16 Blood Pressure & Korotkoff Sounds
  • BSL17 Heart Sounds & Cardiac Events
  • H08 Dive Reflex - Active Learning
  • H23 Signal Averaged ECG
  • H32 Heart Rate Variability


  • BSL3 EEG Relaxation & Brain Rhythms
  • BSL4 Alpha Rhythms in the Occipital Lobe
  • BSL9 GSR and Polygraph
  • BSL10 EOG Eye Movement, Saccades & Fixation
  • BSL11 Reaction Time
  • BSL14 Biofeedback: Relaxation & Arousal
  • H10 EEG & Hemispheric Asymmetry
  • H11 Mirror TestEDA Sensory motor learning
  • H12 EOG Saccades & Displacement
  • H13 EOG Visual Tracking vs. Imagination
  • H14 Ocular Fixation while reading
  • H15 Ocular Fixation while viewing an image
  • H16 Reflexes & Reaction Time - Active Learning
  • H24 Habituation

Biomedical Engineering

  • H02 Compartmental Modeling
  • H20 BME Filtering
  • H33 FFT Fast Fourier Transform

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 LabView interface
 Low pass filters
 MP3X Filters
 Notch filter
 Optimal ground placement
 Physiological Measurements - Life Science Signals Supported by BIOPAC
 Tutorial on Electrostatic Discharge
 USB Drivers and Controller Communication

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