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Includes this hardware:

  • Cardiac Output Sensor SS31L
  • Stimulator BSLSTM
  • Stimulation Electrode for Humans HSTMO1
  • Bioimpedance Strip Electrodes EL506-10 (80/pk)
Adds these BSL PRO Lessons (see Curriculum for details):
  • H03 Nerve Conduction Velocity
  • H21 Impedance Cardiography (CO)

Knowledge Base Topics
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 AC mode
 Amplifier filter settings
 BSL error: unable to access a folder for saving data
 BSL file save location
 BSL PRO optimize range
 Compatibility: OS & Computer Requirements
 Customize BSL Lessons
 DC mode
 Duplicating waveforms
 Electrode Check on MP3X units
 Graph template files
 High pass filters
 IIR vs. FIR filters
 Impedance levels
 Interfacing with 3rd party software
 LabView interface
 Low pass filters
 MP3X Filters
 Notch filter
 Offline (ensemble) averaging
 Opening BSL PRO files in the Analysis (RSD) software
 Optimal ground placement
 Physiological Measurements - Life Science Signals Supported by BIOPAC
 Respiration transducer TSD201/SS5LB/SS5B
 Saving acquisition settings
 Signal drifts to zero
 SS2L, SS2LA, SS2LB or SS1LA for EDA/GSR measurements
 Tachogram - R-R intervals
 Tutorial on Electrostatic Discharge
 Typical impedance cardiography values
 Unipolar EEG
 USB Drivers and Controller Communication
 Using BIOPAC research amplifiers with the BSL System

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