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B-Ser Biop. Amp to Touchprf,  Protected
MEC111: 100B-Series Biopotential amplifiers to Touchproof inputs - Protected
  • Use MEC100 for DA100 series.
These module extension cables are used to increase the distance between subject and recording system, allowing increased subject movement and comfort. Each extension cable attaches to one amplifier; electrodes and transducers plug into the extension cable's molded plastic input plug. The 3 meter long extension includes a clip for attaching to a subject's belt loop or clothing. The MEC series extension cables contain no ferrous parts (less the removable clothing clip).

The MEC111 is required for the protection of your MP System and Biopotential amplifiers when electrocautery or defibrillation equipment is used while recording data.


  1. The MEC111 is not to be used on humans when they are undergoing electrosurgery or defibrillation. In fact, no BIOPAC equipment should be connected to human subjects during the course of defibrillation or electrosurgery.

  2. When using this cable, be careful to preserve the isolation of MP system during defibrillation. No external lab equipment should be connected directly to the UIM100C, IPS100C or any included amplifier module. To preserve MP system isolation, all connections of this type should be made using INISO or OUTISO with the HLT100C. To verify that the isolation of the recording system is intact, use a multimeter to measure resistance from subject ground (on biopotential amplifier) to mains ground; there should be no DC conductivity.

  3. Do not connect the electrode leads attached to the MEC111 directly to defibrillator paddles. When using the MEC111, electrode leads should be connected to the subject directly and not via the defibrillator paddles.

 Cardiovascular Hemodynamics
     Hardware for human and animals. Measure continuous BP, ECG, stroke volume, cardiac output, PPG, etc. For animal and tissue look at acute and chronic dose-response.

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