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  Downloads  BSL - Switch Hardware (MP36-MP35-MP30) 
BSL - Switch Hardware (MP36-MP35-MP30)



For BSL 3.7.2 or BSL 3.7.3 under Windows XP or Vista

This utility will allow users to easily switch between multiple Biopac Student Lab hardware options (MP36, MP35, or MP30) on a single computer.

The utility requires that each hardware unit (MP36, MP35, or MP30) that might be selected has been installed, connected, and recognized by the Biopac Student Lab application once.

  • To install for mutiple hardware options on a single computer, install Biopac Student Lab and connect hardware A, then repeat Installation and select "Update Hardware" for hardware B (and repeat again as necessary).

AFTER each hardware unit is installed and recognized once, this utility makes switching easy.

Download and use this utility:

  1. Download "BSL Switch" 
  2. Unzip the folder to extract MP36 Hardware.reg, MP35 Hardware.reg and MP30 Hardware.reg.
  3. Before launching the BSL application, double-click the desired hardware icon to change the registry settings.
  4. Click "Yes" and then "OK" when prompted:

Switch BSL Hardware

If running under Windows 98 or 2000, please contact BIOPAC for a solution.

UPGRADE FILES - Login or Register to Download: 

LOGIN or REGISTER for free download. Please click here to log in and view the Upgrade Files.

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