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Scent Dispersal System

Self contained scent dispersal system—no compressor needed!

Compact, computer-controlled (USB), eight-cartridge scent* machine uses compressed air to project different scents on cue for a predetermined time followed by a burst of unscented air to clear for the next scent.

System includes software to control the delivery and duration of scents from the SDS100 unit. Scents can be triggered from a virtual reality environment. Dispersed scent covers approximately 3-6 meters in front of unit, depending on how many fans are used.

* Scent cartridges not included; order as SCENT—over 100 scent options available: Scent List olfactory stimulation 

SDS100 module

Cord connections

SDS100 scent delivery system - cord connections 
 Virtual Reality
     Synchronize events from a virtual world with physiological data from an MP150 system. Use feedback loops for greater control and automation—change the VR world in real time.

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