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Poincare plot from R-R tachogram

A Poincare plot is a plot of R-R(n) on the X axis vs. R-R(n+1) on the Y axis.

  1. Obtain the R-R tachogram using the HRV tachogram option.
    • AcqKnowledge 4: Choose Analysis > Heart Rate Variability
    • AcqKnowledge 3.9: Choose Transform > Specialized Analysis > Heart Rate Variability
  2. Duplicate the R-R tachogram.
    • Click Ctrl-D or Command-D, or
    • Choose Edit > Duplicate Waveform
  3. Align the data so that for every data point the two channels contain two consecutive R-R intervals.
    • Delete 3 data points from one of copy of the tachogram, and
    • Delete 2 data points from the other copy
  4. Confirm that the R-Rn interval is the top/bottom channel (if necessary, use Display > Set Wave Positions to reorder).
  5. Select X/Y display mode
    • Click the X/Y icon on the toolbar, or
    • Choose Display > Show > X/Y

Associated Applications:  Psychophysiology, ECG: Cardiology, ICG: Impedance Cardiography/Cardiac Output, Exercise Physiology

Associated Application Notes:  129 - Heart Rate Variability

Advanced Features/Area of Study:  Heart Rate Variability

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