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Life Science Teaching LabsBiopac Student Lab 4.1—The Gold Standard for Life Science Instruction

BIOPAC systems provide a complete solution with hardware, software, and curriculum for higher education life science applications

Engage students today to prepare them for tomorrow! 

The Biopac Student Lab system is an integrated solution that allows students to record data from their own bodies, animals, or tissue preparations.

Easy to use yet powerful enough for advanced research applications, it's the ideal teaching solution.

Biopac Student Lab revolutionizes how students learn by eliminating complex setup tasks and letting them focus on learning the subject.

BSL Teaching Systems provide state-of-the-art technology, intuitive software, and industry standard hardware come together to provide world-class teaching solutions for the life sciences. Each system comes complete with:

Biopac Student Lab software—Powerful and flexible, yet easy to use, BSL 4.1 software allows students to get started right away. To run a lesson, simply select it from a menu. With easy software and hardware setup, students can focus on scientific principles, not procedure. BSL is provided in English and French; Translations of BSL 3.7.3 for Windows are available in Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

BSL 4 PRO software—Easily create new experiments with BSL PRO software, included with Biopac Student Lab MP36/45 systems.

Curriculum—Guided lessons feature on-screen instructions, video demonstrations, and sample data to ensure students record high-quality data. Teacher's Guide includes sample questions and answers, normative values, and support acquisition unit New Curriculum Management System* (CMS) licensed feature enables instructors to create, customize, and deploy lesson content and on-screen instructions for any existing Biopac Student Lab lesson with "no-programming" customization, making lesson creation as easy as typing and drag and drop.

Hardware—The heart of every Biopac Student Lab system is the data acquisition unit, which converts incoming signals into digital signals that can be processed by a computer. MP36/35 units have four input channels and the MP45 unit has two input channels. Electrodes, transducers, and/or input/output devices connect to the MP data acquisition unit so students can record data from their own heart signals (ECG), brain waves (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), eye movement (EOG), and more—or from animal or tissue preps.  

The multi-level learning features of the BSL software let you control the material and method of each experiment! Click here to request more info!


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 *The CMS is a licensed feature available at an additional charge. Contact your BIOPAC representative for pricing.

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Click here to find more information on Research Click here for more information on Education